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Enric Sabata

I am Enric, 32 years old and based in Germany.
Raised in Barcelona, Spain and moved to Germany a few years ago. Ever since I have been working in over 30 countries along Europe, Asia and Lat America and lived in Vietnam. Speak English, German, Spanish and Catalan.



I love working with people, learn from them and create great things. Events, entrepreneurship, innovation and technology are my passions. Fields I love? Healthcare, Finance and third-secrtor. Good food, books and music are my time killers. Would you like to meet for a cup of coffee? It will be my pleasure...


I canĀ“t stop getting things done: Among others, I am a certified online marketing manager, certified on innovation management and have worked more than 7 years in the event industry, joined a startup at age of 16 and worked 4 years long in affiliation marketing. I finished my Tourism Management studies back in 2005. In 2013 I was awarded by Bayer Healthcare for an Augmented Reality App.
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